February 21, 2018

Interior Addict for the Home


We are planning on moving in the near future and with the move my brain has been buzzing with new ideas for our future home.  I am a fairly traditional decor girl but every once in a while I like to mix it up and throw in a piece that is more modern.  Interior Addict is a great place to buy furniture and get ideas.

Interior Addict offers gorgeous designer pieces for less without sacrificing style or quality.  Amazing reproductions from the best furniture designers take you beyond the idea that furniture is merely a functional tool.  It proves that an object while functional can still be addictively beautiful.  That’s the basis behind Interior Addicts which offers the best in shape, color, design and furniture trends.  I am seriously considering the Florence Knoll office chair for our next living room.  I love that whether I need a new sofa or something to place in my hallway or office, Interior Addicts has a stylish option for that room.

Interior Addicts lets you shop by room, designer or product and frequently offers sales.  If you are looking to change your homes interior look then check out Interior Addict.


*Image from fashionintheforest.blogspot.com