January 19, 2018

Trampolines Provide Outdoor Fun All Year Long

Just one house over from our back yard fence sits a giant enclosed trampoline.  No matter what time of year it is my kids can hear the screams and gleeful shrieks coming from their friends trampoline next door.  I think it might be time to purchase a trampoline with accessories for ourselves and let my three kids go wild.

What I love about the prospect of buying a trampoline is that it not only gives them a way to get out their never-ending supply of energy it also saves us time and money all year long.  When it’s hot in the summer they can bounce on the trampoline.  When the weather turns cooler in the fall or the grass is too wet in the spring there is always the trampoline to flip and flop around in.  Even winter time when they just need to get crazies out for a short bit they can spend some time outdoors and stay warm with all the jumping.  No more having to drive to the bounce house place down the street and worry about how clean it is either. Our trampoline will do the trick. No more spending money per kid for an hour of bouncing or fighting with other kids who aren’t giving them a turn. It is a win win situation that I never actually considered.

The more I look into the idea of our own trampoline, the more I learn too.  Who knew that I can quell the need to camp out in our back yard with a trampoline.

This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!  They come in sizes of 8ft to 14ft too.  It almost seals the deal.  Trampolines, like the ones from Big Game Hunters have loads of other accessories like ladders and even shoe holders to keep everything neat and tidy.  There are replacement pads that are readily available and safety enclosures too.  It’s a win win idea all around.