February 23, 2018

All I Want for Christmas

How old does it make me if I’m asking for a cell phone charger for Christmas?  I know, I feel like that type of gift request officially makes me middle-aged but it is actually something I need. Something I always forget to pick up when I’m out and would use every day.  For too long I’ve been twisting and finagling the cord of my old one hoping this this time it won’t be the last before the charger gives up the ghost entirely.

explorer-purple-line-silicone-case_1418Just like anything else once I enter into the world of accessories I want it to be not just practical and user-friendly but also an extension of my personality.  Something to show the world what I’m all about and what I like.  Don’t deny it. You do it too.  Why else would there be so many purple floral phone cases and Tiffany blue iPad sleeves?  Are you like me and so excited about purchasing a new phone or gadget that before the purchase is even rung up you begin eyeing the racks of cases and covers wondering what else you can find online?  You want to make it your own.  Easy to find in your purse or work bag, something that reflects what you are all about and won’t get sick of looking at after a few months. That’s me to a T.  It’s why we put stickers on our laptops to be sure.  I found a cell phone case I loved on a UK cell phone site and now I’m searching high and low for one in the US.

This Christmas I bet I will find a new cell phone charger under the tree.  I can guarantee that it will make me happy despite it’s practicality and utilitarian looks too.  And why not?  The phone itself is encased in a gorgeous sea blue that always makes me smile.