February 21, 2018

Elegant & Simple Style Furniture

Raise your hand if you have kids and your furniture is looking rough.  Can I raise both hands? Just about every room in my house is beginning to feel and show the effects that three kids under six can have on a home.  The lovely couch we bought four years ago looks about fourteen and I don’t even want to talk about both coffee tables.  They are a pock-marked mess.

The worst casualty is the dining room table.  Not only does it have water damage on the wood and marks from permanent marker but the addition of a third kid has made it clear that what once seemed spacious is now cramped.  The leaf stays in all day every day and the addition of company has us clamoring for space.  While I’m waiting to purchase the actual dining room table and chairs until we move into our larger home I’ve already begun the search.  The biggest problem is that I have no idea what type or style of table I want.  Do I want to stay with a light wood like the set I have now or move into a darker color?


While searching online I found a lot of options and the simple style of the Tallinn butterfly table from a UK furniture company gave me the idea to stick with the lighter wood and go for something that can be both elegant, smart and a bit modern.  I think that is the basis of my own style and what should be reflected in my home.