February 21, 2018

Zelens Intensive Repair Balm

Zelens Intensive Repair Balm ($225) by Dr. Marko Lens is a high performance skin cream designed to enhance skin’s recovery. If your skin is dry, flaky or irritated and has  environmental damage this intensive repair balm can soothe and help restore it. When I first read that I was a bit confused. Environmental damage? What cream doesn’t say they are soothing?  So I opened the jar and slathered it on the backs of my hands which are incredibly dry, I rubbed it into my face and neck and then for good measure onto a red and irritated part of my inner wrist. Then I watched TV. I found the cream to be a medium thickness and it has a non-greasy texture. The scent is of a light Aloe and dissipates quickly. Within minutes my wrist stopped itching and by morning was less red. My face and neck, which didn’t feel irritated actually felt as if I had placed something calming on it. I can’t quite explain it but it was refreshing and it did soothe me.

Zelens Intensive Repair Balm encourages accelerated repair of damaged skin by promoting the recovery process. It is free of minerals and oils and works on all skin types and ages. Formulated with Hexapeptide-11 which aids dermal repair and Tripeptide-29 to increase Collagen, Neuropeptide to help skin feel less irritated it also helps with temperature and tactile sensation on the skin. It encourages relaxation in the skin, which is exactly what I felt, but not in a strange or numbing way. My skin just felt relieved. Phosolipids, a big part of cell membranes and one that soothes skin is also a key ingredient. Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Olive oil and Algae are also present to stimulate skin repair while Arnica Montana helps to reduce redness and promote healing.

Zelens Intensive Repair Balm comes with a hefty price tag. It does what is says it will do but unfortunately I cannot say if it has dramatic results since I am not suffering from a lot of skin damage as of yet. I do think it makes an excellent night cream and is light enough to wear on dry skin during the day. You can purchase Zelens products Zelens products at SpaceNK or visit www.zelens.com.

MPR Rating: Four Stars.

Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this post. Products received are for review purposes only.  Opinions are MPR’s only.


  1. I just got a sample of this today at SpaceNK and tried it tonight. I think I like it but need to try it again…thanks for the review.