February 17, 2018

H2O Plus Purifying Sea Salt Body Collection



Fun Find– H2O is known for its best-selling spa products.  Their Sea Salt Body wash is great for enriching skin with European sea salts that wash away impurities and invigorate skin.  This is a pretty thick gel body wash that took me by surprise.  I was expecting a salty, sea tangy wash that didn’t happen.  Instead the scent and feeling that comes through is slightly menthol or mint.  I couldn’t quite figure out why it had that scent or tingle when I used it but it left me disappointed.

On the other hand the H2O Hand and Nail Cream I found to be a nice moisturizer for hands that is made up of silk proteins, Vitamin E and Shea butter.  It’s a smooth, absorbs nicely and doesn’t have this mentholated scent or feeling.

You can find both and other Sea Salt products like body butter and scrub at H2O Plus Stores and www.h2oplus.com.