February 22, 2018

I’m Twitten

Fun Find– Don’t want to give or get the same old thing this Valentine’s Day?  How about something really unique and romantic that will also keep your hands warm while you hold hands with your loved one?   TWITTENS is the long-awaited solution to hand-holding in the winter months. The special design keeps your fingers warm and your Valentine close.


Twittens are a two-handed mitten to hold hands inside.  They are cute, fun gifts of affection to offer a sweetie this cold Valentine’s Day.  Hand-made in Peru, 100% women-owned and fair trade, Twitten donates 20% of its profits to the Bodhi Fund, which helps provide access to cancer treatment. The original Twitten starts under $45 too. You can get them and Twitten accessories in solids, stripes, embroidered and even appliqued patterns.