February 21, 2018

Secret Agent Beauty- Double Agent Eyes

secretagentmascaraFun Find– Secret Agent Beauty has blown its cover.  You will not be missed when you apply their Double-Agent Eyes Mascara.  Double-Agent mascara and liner ($26) is a rich, thick coating for your lashes that goes on dark, plump and only takes one swipe to changes your look.  Two products in one you twist the first silver wand to get the mascara.  There is a hidden silver wand that holds the liquid liner. Both are long wearing and the mascara is waterproof. Wipe off the excess on the mascara first and then apply otherwise it will clump.  Either way you are going to have very long, full lashes that look great all day.

You can find Secret Agent Beauty Secret Double-Agent Eyes and other Secret Agent Beauty products at www.ronrobinson.com.