February 23, 2018

HealthyChic.com Review

In my other life on The Mummy Chronicles I write about fitness and being a fit parent regularly. Between yoga, running, ME classes and HIIT it is safe to say I wear a lot of workout wear.  HealthyChic.com asked me if I wanted to check out their site which consists of all things health and fitness related with a bit of a twist. I decided to give it a whirl.

Here’s what I love about HealthyChic.com.  It’s full of stylish but affordable fitness and yoga apparel with accessories and gear all right there in one spot.  Products rotate every few days and there is a great selection of new designers and brands that gives shoppers a real one-stop shop feel. You can find all your beauty, wellness, health and nutrition needs right there and load up on Pilates wear at the same time.  I picked out (courtesy of HealthyChic.com) a white RESE Pilates Jordyn tank that fits me beautifully. It’s super flattering and comfortable.  It was also more than half-off the retail price of $74.  You can find Lucy wear, StyleFirm, SWYT Culture, Rio Soul and more.  It’s definitely worth taking a look.

I also like that for each purchase, the e-tailer, donates a meal to a hungry child somewhere in the world as part of a campaign they started called “Spread the Word, Feed the World,” to help solve world hunger and raise awareness through a not-for-profit organization that HealthyChic founded called “1 Makes 1.” Makes you feel good even before you hit that workout in your new gear.

Now MPR readers can get even more savings with a 10% discount using the code: BEFIT10

MPR Rating: Four Stars.

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post. Products received are for review purposes only.  Opinions are MPR’s only.