February 17, 2018

Lee Stafford Deep Treatment

Fun Find– Lee Stafford Breaking Hair range has just launched in the US.  The line consists of a Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Treatment designed to work together and give relief to dry, dull hair, riddled with split ends. As you know heat, styling and products can damage  hair over time.  Lee Stafford Deep Treatment ($14.99 at ULTA) is formulated with vitamins to prevent and heal damage on hair and all we put it through.  When I use it on my daughters hair which is dry and very curly it reveals soft, springy curls that bounce and shine. Her hair looks great for two days afterwards too.  It is easier to comb through as well.  The scent is perfumey but she doesn’t mind and it stays for a day.

Lee Stafford products are sold at ULTA stores everywhere.