February 23, 2018

Top 3 Child-Friendly Attractions in New York


New York is jam-packed with exciting attractions for people of all ages. Planning family holidays to New York can be almost as fun as actually being there, when you start to discover all the fantastic places there that the kids will just love! To help you decide what to do, here’s a quick top three list of places I think are a cut above the rest.

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum
Founded more than a hundred years ago, this was America’s first museum solely dedicated to children and their interests. There’s so much to do here, with hugely varied collections and exhibits of everything from fossils to musical instruments from around the world. The collections change often, to expose visitors to as much variety as possible, and there are always great interactive displays that really get the kids involved so they learn through play. Kids get the chance to do arts and crafts, with the chance to get their artwork displayed on the gallery board. For spring the museum is open every day except Monday, and they offer free entry every third Thursday from 4-7pm.

The Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
This is a really great place to take the kids – who doesn’t love a fat ice cream cone? And this is ice cream with a twist. There are some exciting flavour ideas here, with everything from lychee to green tea to black sesame! The ice cream is smooth and perfectly flavoured, not too sweet and perfectly soft. But it’s definitely a treat as a couple of scoops can get a little pricey for the whole family.

The Museum of the Moving Image
For any modern kid, this place will be an absolute haven. Exhibits cover the entire history of the moving image and for the most part they’re hugely interactive. The core exhibition is a huge display that showcases the entire production process of film, television and animation. There are examples of old cameras, sound equipment and even costumes. Any child with a vague interest in television or films will really love this experience. Check out their website before you visit as the hours vary from day to day.