February 21, 2018

Brady Rymer’s Love Me For Who I Am CD

Love Me Cover Med Res


Fun Find– April was Autism Awareness month but that doesn’t mean we can’t still show off this wonderful compilation of music by Brady Rymer that celebrates and sends the message of self-confidence and empowerment to kids on and off the autism spectrum.  Love Me for Who I Am by Grammy-nominated Brady Rymer is a Parents’ Choice Gold award-winning album. A fun collection of 10 rock-n-roll songs for both kids and parents is features the students at the Celebrate the Children School in New Jersey (students affected by autism and related conditions), who inspired Brady to create this joyful album. Take a moment to check out the new video, HERE.

Here is what I love about this album.  Not only did it make all three of my kids sing, giggle, dance and squeal with joy it did the same for me as well.  It applied to my child with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) too.  These kids sometimes have a hard time connecting or asking for what they need, a lot like kids with autism and these songs, more like anthems, bring it all together.  It is uplifting and proud and a rockin’ good time.  Listen to the tracks and learn more about the story behind the project here.  Our fave is ‘Squish Me, Squeeze Me’ as that is one of my daugther’s favorite things to do.