February 17, 2018

Eco-Artware Candle Making Kit



Fun Find– I like when I find out about a new product that makes use of something in my home I would normally throw away. The new to the US, candle-making kit by Eco-Artware does exactly that. It takes something like used cooking oil and gives it new purposes, besides sitting like a rock in my freezer.

Using a patented powder that transforms the vegetable oil into an irreversible candle wax Eco-Artware is calling it the “greatest candle”.  The “greatest candle” also manages to neutralize odors and a 4 ounce canister of powder  can create up to 6, 4-ounce candles.  Each kit ($35) includes 4 oz of powder and 6 wicks.   Strained vegetable oil is necessary as well as a microwave but then you have all you need to make new candles.

I love that you can re-use old candle containers or find new possibilities like shells or other glass, wood or ceramic finds in your home to create something completely new.  Makes a great hostess gift or for use in power outages.  This eco-conscious project works well with kids and teaching them how to re-use and recycle in a unique way.

Find all the possibilities and scents (Kefir lime!) at Eco-Artware.com .




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