February 24, 2018

Joanie Leeds Bandwagon CD

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Fun Find- Our house has been stocked full of Joanie Leeds fans for a long time. Each album has been full of great songs that I like just as much as my kids. We still listen to her last one, I’m a Rock Star quite often. Her latest, Bandwagon (releasing June 25), is no different.

Bandwagon* ($15) includes songs like “Back to School”, “I Love New York”, “Nutritious” and “Family Tree”. There are many more full of great lessons, models for good social and behavior skills and just plain ol’ fun. The first song, “Are We There Yet?” is something we can all relate to and find humor in while driving in the car. Running 42 minutes and great for ages 2-9 we are the key demographic for this CD and it shows. Once again, Joanie Leeds is pure musical joy.

You can purchase the CD or download the MP3 from Joanie Leeds website and Amazon.com.

*Amazon Affiliate link.