February 21, 2018

The Prime Method Review

Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this post. Products received are for review services only.  Opinions are MPR’s only.

Created by expert celebrity fitness, nutrition and life coach trainers, Jennifer Devillers and Jolie Kobrinsky, The Prime Method is a fitness website and so much more.  For a monthly fee ($29.99) that boils down to a $1 a day (cheaper than many gyms) you have a website that is devoted to developing a fitness and wellness program just for you.  It’s customized workout plans are developed by Devillers and Kobrinsky who are also there to give you virtual personal training sessions. Yes, I just said that.  There are additional web exercise classes, fitness and nutrition tips and a tracking device to keep you from plateauing.  I love that!  The site is really motivating and makes it easy to reach your goal.

Now, when I say easy I don’t mean the workouts are easy.  They will challenge you to go beyond what you thought you could do.  You will push yourself and explore foods and menus that you might not have before.  That was my one difficulty with the site.  The daily menu was comprised of foods that didn’t work well for me or involved more than I could do as a working mother of three.  I ended up taking advice and ideas from that portion of the site but not being able to stick to it completely.  I did like that they offered this service at no additional fee.  Modifying or changing your eating is the only way to really get fit and stay fit so it makes complete sense.  I love that the workouts don’t require a lot of equipment.  You use your body weights, do yoga, clubs and kettle bells but beyond that you are good to go. You can do this anytime, anywhere.  Perfect! The yoga cool-down helps to stretch and release the joints which feels so good.


The Prime Method is all about transforming your body and your mind.  When you truly to commit to a workout plan it becomes a lifestyle change too.  The more you put into your workouts and see results the more you get back emotionally and mentally.  It is why I think keeping fit is so important.  My focus is stronger, mind more vital and I have a generally better attitude and can take life’s punches easier.  It is what The Prime Method is all about.   It’s the Prime Method motto- believes in combining all three aspects of complete wellness – MIND, MOVE and MUNCH.

MPR Rating: Four Stars.