December 17, 2017

Zaggora 3 Step Solution


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Fun Find-    Summer means more skin and often we are looking for a way to trim down or create a more shapely legs.  Zaggora can help with shape and transform your legs in three steps.

The Zaggora 3 Step Solution is workout wear that comes in the form of HotPants 2.0.  That’s right, hot pants.  It works like this.  You wear the Hot Pants 2.0 while you workout with a body contouring gel Svelt Melt and Motion Lotion that hydrates your body and acts as a sculpting lotion.  You also use it post-workout.  It simply helps your legs get the maximum results.  All together they work to tone up and firm skin.  The pants are a bit stiff and take a bit to get used to but the thickness is what makes it work because it really heats you up more than regular workout wear.

The set is available for $158 at