February 23, 2018

Book Review- The 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge

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The 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge











I’ve discussed in the past how hard marriage can be. Actual functioning relationships that grow, stay out of stagnation and flourish are almost like jobs. You have to work at that every day. H and I celebrated our twelve-year wedding anniversary yesterday. While it was the first time we didn’t have big plans but we did manage to find time together during our kids church event because it was important that we take time out to communicate after what had been a long week with us apart more often than normal. It is so important to take time away from all the busy parts of life and focus on each other, even for a little bit, to talk things out, discuss future events but also maintain the strength in the bond that you have created and want to keep growing. It is why I was happy to review Jeff & Lora Helton’s book, The 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge.

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