February 22, 2018

Eat Safe While Traveling

Source: media.mercola.org

While traveling, it is important that you take care of yourself. One of the ways to do that is by following safe eating and drinking habits. If travel is on the cards for you, here are some tips that will help you eat safe and stay healthy.


  1. Check for hygiene: This is of utmost importance. If you notice that the establishment is not following a good hygiene practice, then avoid it. Some signs that will help you check the ‘hygiene’ factor are; clean hands, protective gloves (when needed), properly tied hair, coughing or sneezing near food, smoking or chewing gum.
  2. Check for locals: Locals know their territory and will prefer food spots where they will get safe food. No one prefers eating at a food joint that serves unsafe food. So, check for the locals and make a choice accordingly.
  3. Selective food items: Salad is a healthy source if you have made it; otherwise try to avoid it while traveling. Again, uncooked or unpasteurized items should even be avoided. Regular items like cakes and bread is a safer choice in this case.
  4. Know the spices: May it be turmeric or chilies, you should know about the dishes that include such spices. This is because they have anti-bacterial properties and if the dishes include them, it can be a safer choice for you.
  5. Tap water: While traveling, it is better to drink bottled water. However, if there is no alternative, then boil tap water before consuming it. Simply boil it for a couple of minutes and drink it.

Word of caution: Avoid local drinks that are mixed with tap water too. If you need to drink something while moving around the location, hot beverages like tea or coffee are a better option.

Note: In case of bottled water too, check for the seal.

  1. Boiled food: It is suggested that you avoid food items, which include uncooked meat or seafood. Opt for boiled food. It should be a safer bet.
  2. Wash fruits and vegetables: If you bring home some fruits or vegetables, wash it properly before eating it. In most of the cases, you can peel the outside layer and still enjoy the taste of it. So, wash and peel it accordingly.
  3. Hot should be hot and cold should be cold: If an item is served hot, consume it when it is hot. Similarly, if an item is served cold, consume it when it is cold. Otherwise, it may lose its taste and can even be a risky item to consume.
  4. Temperature and perishable foods issue: If any perishable food item is kept out in the open for more than an hour, and the temperature is higher than 90 degrees F, it is better to avoid that item. Don’t consume it.
  5. Wash your hands: Before handling or eating an item, wash your hands properly. Wash it for at least 20 seconds with water and soap to be on the safer side. Keep antibacterial hand gels or wipes handy to wipe your hands. It might help in case fresh water is scarce. If you are planning to buy some for self and your loved ones, visit the best coupon side, chamaleonjohn.com too. Here, you get amazing promo codes to make your purchase cheaper.
  6. Don’t overeat: If you think that a particular food item is too tasty, try and eat it in limits. Don’t overeat. It will give your tummy problems later on.
  7. Avoid ice: Ice is a stored form of water and, as noted previously, it is risky to trust local water sources. So, avoid ice too.
  8. Avoid these: If you find unsealed mayonnaise or cold meat platters, keep yourself away. Eating them, you may be paving the way for rampant bacteria in your tummy.
  9. Seafood dishes: Stay away from seafood dishes and you will avoid intestinal problems to a great extent. This is because fish is usually a source that accumulates contaminants from a number of sources. However, if you want to have it still, pray to god and opt for the smaller fishes. They are a safer bet.
  10. Canned products are okay: If you want milk, go for canned milk. Same can be noted for canned cheese and yogurt.
  11. Sealed packages: If you are looking to satisfy your need for salad dressings, ketchup or mayonnaise, opt for it if they are in sealed packages.
  12. Wine and Beer: In Unites States, you know the alcohol content, and it is safe to consume it in your known limits. However, traveling outside the U.S., the alcohol content might not be the same. So, drink it in a small quantity and check for its effects.
  13. Take healthy snacks along: While traveling, you need to stay full till you get to the restaurants that are good, hygienic and safe. Till then, you cannot die of hunger. Carry some easy carry food items along with self. In case of those with weakened immune systems, the elderly and the pregnant, you need to be sure that there is enough stock to keep them going for a couple of days. So, if you are planning to buy some for yourself or your loved ones, visit chameleonjohn.com too. This will help you get an amazing discount on your purchased items.
  14. Supplements, vitamins and sports bars: If your diet is insufficient, you can rely on supplements and vitamins to maintain balance. On the other hand, sports bars help keeping you packed with nutrients, while traveling.
  15. The vegetarian issue: There are not many sections providing the ‘pure veg’ items on their menu. So, when you are about to order an item, be sure it is marked as vegetarian and the ingredients are veg too.

Concluding, these tips should be bookmarked and followed while traveling to other countries or even cities. It will help you enjoy and, at the same time, stay healthy. You don’t want to spoil your health, when there are so many things to do.