February 23, 2018

Fun Find- Calgon Bubble Bath

I was sent a big bottle of Calgon’s Ocean Breeze Bubble Bath (30 oz.).  Described as a scent of crisp, cool ocean waves with notes of green lilac and viveter it is a crisp scent.  Moisturizing and cleansing this bubble bath is infused with Vitamin E and Aloe. It is super bubbly and long-lasting too.  […]

La Falaise French Organic Soap

Using th earth’s finest ingredients La Falaise organic soap is genuinely French, therapeutic and luxurious.  Whether you are purchasing their bath salts, soaps or shower gels you can be sure that no harsh chemicals were used, no animals were harmed and no culture was exploited while creating and packaging these products. The La Falaise Pink Clay and Cameline […]

Tiny Tillia Giveaway!

We love Tiny Tillia bath products at our house.  They smell great, work well and are people, animal and earth safe.  What could be better?  Why a giveaway, that’s what!  Tiny Tillia products are high-quality children’s products that are paraben-free and have a twist of fun in them.  They are luxurious and made up of gentle formulas with fresh, fun scents and […]

Tiny Tillia Bath Time Products

There is a whole new bath time crew (TT Cow, Duncan Dog, Ben Giraffe and Indy Sheep) for your kids to get to know and love. The Tiny Tillia collection created by designer Tiffany Lerman, daughter of novelist Jackie Collins, is paraben free and extremely gentle for your little ones. The whole collection is so […]

Soapier-Helping People Stay Clean!

When you read it like that you have no idea that Soapier is in fact not some Dial type line of soap or Simple Green range of products. It is in fact, a full line of bath and body products created to delight your senses with such scents as Bergamot & Coriander or Beach Breezes. […]

Fun Find- The No-Slip GatorGrip

Originally designed to use on jet skis the GatorGrip is an easy to clean, durable and safe bath mat for your toddler and tub. No longer do you have to worry about your child slipping in the tub when they take a step. If you are like me, each time your child tries to walk […]