February 21, 2018

Discovery Kids Puterbugs Game

Geared for children’s ages 8 and under Discovery Kids Puterbugs is designed to take kids beyond apps and playing games.  This new website teaches kids how to use technology as a tool in a healthy way.  It works like this- there is a virtual, cowboy hat wearing teacher, “Mr. Scott”,  (my daughter thinks he is […]

Say Yes to the Dress Recap

 (Season 6, Ep.1) The Kleinfeld crew is back for another season with more dresses and even more brides. This week we meet Kristy, Laura and Donna. Kristy says she wants a “piratey” dress, one that will “explode” for her island nuptials. With what cannon fire? Randy, Kleinfeld Fashion Director, states that 80% of brides choose […]