February 22, 2018

HealthyChic.com Review

In my other life on The Mummy Chronicles I write about fitness and being a fit parent regularly. Between yoga, running, ME classes and HIIT it is safe to say I wear a lot of workout wear.  HealthyChic.com asked me if I wanted to check out their site which consists of all things health and […]


Fun Find– I’m a fitness person. I like doing things outdoors and hitting the gym. I go through a lot of sunscreen, face wipes and more.  Adventuress has been a great find for me because they make Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes ($22) that are biodegradable and protect my skin from redness and rashes.  There are […]

Top Trainers DVD Collection

Some call it the ultimate holiday workout but I say it is a great way to squeeze in a workout anytime of year.  The Top Trainers DVD ($60) set is an awesome collection of ten DVDs that mix cardio, yoga, Pilate’s and other workouts like the Bar Method all in one package.  It’s fantastic! I […]

Need Testers for New Fitness App!

Calling all Fitness Fans! We don’t always have the the time to get to the gym. Juggling jobs, kids’ activities and just getting out of bed can sometimes take all you’ve got–but fitness guru Valerie Orsoni has a plan! We’re looking for a select few (2,000 to be exact) beta testers for her new ANDROID […]

Fun Find- Baby’s First Presents- My Gym at Home DVD

Monique Vranesh, the creator of Baby’s First Presents– My Gym at Home (fun with Monique), is also the mother of two young daughters.  She is actively involved in their physical fitness and now she invites you and your baby to play together, have fun and discover the many advantages of a regular exercise routine.  The exercises performed on the […]

Pulse Yoga Giveaway!

Want more tone? Want to strengthen and increase muscle definition without using machines in the gym? If so, then enter to win the Pulse Yoga DVD ($14.99)! Using free weights and micro movements that primarily target areas like the gluteus muscles, abdominals, upper arms and lower back these micro movements with yoga postures are effective […]