February 21, 2018

Discovery Kids Puterbugs Game

Geared for children’s ages 8 and under Discovery Kids Puterbugs is designed to take kids beyond apps and playing games.  This new website teaches kids how to use technology as a tool in a healthy way.  It works like this- there is a virtual, cowboy hat wearing teacher, “Mr. Scott”,  (my daughter thinks he is […]

Trade in Your Old Board Games with Hasbro!

Give us your tired, your huddled masses…. I’m ridiculously paraphrasing there but Hasbro has come up with a great idea to help get Family Game Night (Sept. 26) off to a great start. It is time to trade-in and recycle those old board games that are worn out, tired and missing pieces. Working with Recyclebank, […]

Friday Giveaway- Kids Grab Bag

This week I am offering up a few things in one prize pack! Two sets of Silly Charmz (two per pack)One sample of Moon DoughA grey Kiddie Catch All for the carA Wii ‘The 1,000,000 Pyramid’ Game (rated E for Everyone)Two purple Damage-free Hanging hooks from Command BrandA Parking PalA five mini-pack of Party Dough […]

Discovery Toys- Board Games

If you are a parent you have probably been invited to a Discovery Toys party.  I know I have been to quite a few parties.  Each time I have purchased a toy and been quite satisfied. In fact, the toys I bought with my first child are still in nearly perfect condition and working order after […]

Wiglington & Wenks- A Virtual World for Kids

The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks Virtual World – a massively fun online virtual world for kids (6 and up) that allows them to travel to places around the world, through time and space, meet famous historical people, play games, own exotic islands, build culture-inspired houses, wear cool costumes or create their own clothing while exploring secret locations and […]

FamilyTimeFun Dinner Games

Five years ago, John Pandiscio, founder of FamilyTimeFun and his wife discovered that the simple question, “What’s the best and worst part of your day?” could start rounds of dinner time fun. Even better was that by the time they had finished playing games and talking the kids had also finished all their food. It […]