February 22, 2018

Win a Kindle Touch 3G from Senokot!

No one wants to talk about it but it happens to everyone.  When you are in the early stages of pregnancy constipation is a sign that the hormones are multiplying.  Go on a trip for work or pleasure and you might experience a day or so of not being able to go the way you […]

The Sunshine When She’s Gone & Giveaway!

 Fun Find– The Sunshine When She’s Gone by Thea Goodman is about the strength of marriage, its ability to bounce back, the deep love and sometimes inexplicable changes individuals and couples go through when they have a child. I enjoyed reading this book a lot though at times the narcissism of the two characters put me on […]

$50 Gift Card for Running Shoes from Ragged Mountain and Nortus Sports

** GIVEAWAY** I’m working with Notus Sports and Ragged Mountain for Stress Awareness month (Exercise certainly relieves my stress each time!) and one lucky TMC reader will win a $50 gift card to Ragged Mountain! Here are the Giveaway Guidelines- * Contestants must provide how they exercise to relax. * Contestants must “like” Notus Sports […]

Pur Water Filtration System Giveaway!

  The PUR Water Filtration System takes your tap water and makes it really clean.  The easy 1-click installation on the Basic PUR Water Filtration System removes harmful contaminants like lead, mercury and even trace amounts of pharmaceuticals that can be found but not seen in your tap water.   Each filter works for 2-3 months […]

Thyme Maternity Giveaway

To me this is one of the best clothing items a pregnant woman can have in her maternity wardrobe.  This Mix & Match 3/4 Length Sleeve shirt works great during pregnancy and after. It’s lightweight, super stretchy and comes in both black or blue.  The shirring on the sides hugs the body comfortably and really […]

McCain Sweet Potato Cross Trax

  Dinner time in our house can be crazy.  I may have figured out the entree but the side dishes can be a whole other issue.  My desire to be healthy versus what the kids want to actually eat can result in a battle of wills, indecision and frustration.  Some nights it is straight up steamed and […]