February 17, 2018

Rite Aid Back to School Giveaway!

Rite Aid is making Back-to-School Shopping easy for kids of all ages and parents.  No matter what your budget you can find what you need at Rite Aid for kids pre-K to college. From Brain Games for Kids (all ages) and the ultra cool Record a Memory Keepsake Book for school years Rite Aid offers up items for everyone.   I’m […]

ReJuvenescence & Giveaway!

Fun Find– It’s back to school time and for some that means heading to the dorms.  Dorm bathrooms have come a long way since my day but they can still be cramped, sometimes damp and stinky.  ReJuvenescence is a new type of toilet tissue holder.  It’s patented and helps to mask bad odors and keep rooms […]

Carmex Beach Tote & Six Stick Giveaway!

Post-it Back to School Giveaway

You thought summer was busy?  Just wait for back to school season! It will be here in a few fast and furious weeks.  I’m teaming up with the Post-it brand to bring you a fun giveaway full of items to keep your kids and you organized this back-to-school season.   Included in this MPR giveaway- […]

SeabuckWonders’ Seed Oil and Berry Oil Giveaway!

  SeabuckWonders is one of those products that can do a whole lot of things.  The oil is what you call a “drop-in” product and by this I mean, you can add a drop of SeabuckWonders oil to- Body Lotion to reduce dry, flaky and peeling skin from sunburns and climate. Super smooth! Hair Conditioner to make […]

Chevy Back to School Challenge Contest

Yes, I’m talking about going back to school. I am so excited about it too! Here’s why- I’ve teamed up with Chevy and their Back to School Challenge to give one lucky, local reader a chance to win a $100 gift card for back to school supplies for their kids! Trust me, when I say […]