February 21, 2018

Open Call for Guest Bloggers

WANTED:  Guest bloggers who want to share ideas, tips, tricks and advice on products and all things beauty, fashion, travel, cars and green living.  You want to talk about your obsession with lip gloss? Go ahead!  Love the new models rolling out of Detroit?  Tell me about and share with MPR’s readers.  I’m looking for bloggers […]

Tips for Getting Product Reviews on Your Blog

  Spend any time at all immersed in the blog world and you’ll begin to notice that some bloggers get to review different products from time to time, and some bloggers to get to review different products all the time and some bloggers get to review products none of the time. And yet, you’ve never […]

The Best Parental Control Software to Protect Your Family

The Internet can be an incredible resource for your children, but it can also put them in danger without proper supervision. There are many ways that a child can be at risk online, including predatory websites, bullying, and, exposure to graphic content. Parents cannotmonitor their kids Internet activities all the time. This makes using parental […]

Top 3 Summer Shoes at Shoebuy.com

Summer is finally here once again! Get the best summer footwear for your entire family from Shoebuy.com! Shoebuy.com is a great place to shop online for shoes. This season, Shouebuy.com has hundreds of summer shoes for you to choose from! Browse through their top 3 categories of summer sandals to find the ones right for […]

Deal for Dad: Free Shipping on $99 at Macy’s

Yes, it’s that time of year again! June is here which means Father’s Day will soon be here! It’s Sunday, June 19th to be exact. Now is the time to shop for the best gift for Dad. So many great stores are offering special sales and discounts on men’s apparel, cologne, tools and other awesome […]

Tips for Hiring a Nanny

Candi Wingate, founder of Nannies4Hire, is a guest blogger today at MPR.  Her wonderful site offers loads of advice, tips and ideas on caring for your children, finding good childcare and so much more.  She offered up the following tips for hiring a nanny.  Top 9 Tips When Hiring a Nanny In today’s society, finding […]