February 23, 2018

Rocknoceros – Colonel Purple Turtle

Fun Find-The fourth studio CD ($14.99) and first ever kid-friendly concept album has launched this week by Rocknoceros. Colonel Purple Turtle is loads of fun and full of whimsical characters. Based right here in the DC Metro area this CD is energetic and features a bit of everything from jazz, barbershop quartet, string ensembles and […]

Recess Monkey at Wolf Trap

Recently I mentioned the kids band Recess Monkey. The trio of teachers from Seattle is a great find. My kids love the silly but not stupid songs and I do too. I really didn’t see myself rocking out to songs like ‘Grandma’ but then we went to a Recess Monkey show at Wolf Trap’s Theatre-in-the-Woods […]

DISCOUNT-Disney on Ice- Princess Wishes

Enter a world of wishes with your favorite Disney princesses in Disney On Ice presents Princess Wishes! Tinker Bell represents the magic of Disney as she whisks you through a collection of enchanting and beloved Disney stories. Join Ariel as she yearns to explore the world above the waves. See Snow White find her one […]

Candlewood Suites, Richmond,VA (West)

Staying in extended stay hotels is always a bit odd to me, especially when I am only booked to stay for a day or two. There does not seem to be much of a point, but if the hotel is the only game in town, so be it.  I stayed at Candlewood Suites in Richmond, VA […]

Go Local- Plum District Has Deals for Everyone!

It’s official! Plum District’s first DC deal has begun just in time for back to school deals and the fall!   So what is Plum District?  It’s all about daily deals that help you, the busy woman that you are, save money for you, your family and everything in between.  Quite frankly, it’s fabulous!  It’s all about what […]

The Pink Pantry & Mr. Skip

Just the other day I was yearning for a quiet respite where I could sip a cup of coffee or chai tea, relax and not be inundated with logos and other chain store paraphernalia. I needed to break out of my comfort zone and experience something new. Then, like magic, I found it residing in […]