February 21, 2018

Breath Slim Weight Loss

Fun Find-  Now here is a product that I need to devote more time to.  My efforts to lose the last of my baby weight from my third child are going well.  I’ve been running three times a week for a month now.  However, the addition of the Breath Slim device to this month’s weight […]

Top Trainers DVD Collection

Some call it the ultimate holiday workout but I say it is a great way to squeeze in a workout anytime of year.  The Top Trainers DVD ($60) set is an awesome collection of ten DVDs that mix cardio, yoga, Pilate’s and other workouts like the Bar Method all in one package.  It’s fantastic! I […]

Marie Callender’s Under 500 Helps Me Maintain

I am not a huge reality show fan but there is one that I simply adore. It is Chris Powell’s Extreme Makeover- Weight Loss Edition on ABC. I find Chris and the people featured on the show to be beyond inspiring. I can be folding my laundry and watching the show and suddenly I am […]