February 21, 2018

Top Trainers DVD Collection

Some call it the ultimate holiday workout but I say it is a great way to squeeze in a workout anytime of year.  The Top Trainers DVD ($60) set is an awesome collection of ten DVDs that mix cardio, yoga, Pilate’s and other workouts like the Bar Method all in one package.  It’s fantastic! I […]

Activate Energy Drinks

I’m not one for energy drinks.  If I’m thirsty I go for water. Why bother with the extra calories from a sports drink?  Activate Energy Drinks ($1.99 per bottle) are a new innovative innovative, enhanced vitamin beverage that works great for people with active lifestyles. Activate drinks have a proprietary cap design that stores vitamins separately from […]

LA Boxing – The Gym

Sure, you can take a boxing or kickboxing class at your regular gym. It will have lots of fast-paced music, kicks and punches. However, will each student wear authentic boxing gloves, work out with a professional boxer and hit a real punching bag of their very own? The answer is probably not. At LA Boxing, […]