February 17, 2018

McCain Sweet Potato Cross Trax

  Dinner time in our house can be crazy.  I may have figured out the entree but the side dishes can be a whole other issue.  My desire to be healthy versus what the kids want to actually eat can result in a battle of wills, indecision and frustration.  Some nights it is straight up steamed and […]

Ellio’s Pizza Review

  It was your typical Friday afternoon.  School let out, friends came over, my husband and I both went running and there was time spent outside as a family.  Suddenly we realized, “Dinner! We forgot to take something out to make dinner!”  I remembered that I had a box of Ellio’s pizza in the freezer […]

Take Charge of Your Health This Year

  Until I lost my health insurance while pregnant I pretty much took my company plan for granted.  When things are covered at 90% or there isn’t a large deductible that has to be met each year you don’t put a whole lot of thought into it.  Now that we are in the mid-year it […]