February 23, 2018

January Means New Bedding

  For years my mother has been telling me, “You need a king-sized bed.”  At first it was during my second pregnancy and I just pushed the idea aside because the bed only felt crowded due to my larger size.  She said the same thing during my third pregnancy too.  Now, every time I say […]

Fragments Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide

If you read my lifestyle blog, The Mummy Chronicles, then you know that I’m a tad obsessed with cocktail style rings and almost any kind of bracelet.  Be it designer, fashion or casual style I collect new, vintage and everything in between.  I recently discovered the fabulous Fragments website which has a mixture of all […]

Elegant & Simple Style Furniture

Raise your hand if you have kids and your furniture is looking rough.  Can I raise both hands? Just about every room in my house is beginning to feel and show the effects that three kids under six can have on a home.  The lovely couch we bought four years ago looks about fourteen and I […]

All I Want for Christmas

How old does it make me if I’m asking for a cell phone charger for Christmas?  I know, I feel like that type of gift request officially makes me middle-aged but it is actually something I need. Something I always forget to pick up when I’m out and would use every day.  For too long […]

Dreaming of Mirrors, Redos and Cozy Times

Winter is here and each year when the cold snap comes I want to burrow into fantastically soft blankets and stay in bed all day.  It is then that I begin to take stock of the comforters and duvets I have on hand and what stays and what goes.  You know what went this year?  […]


Fun Find-Some women like shoes but for me it is all about the bag. I have searched high and low for the perfect bag more times than I can count. It can be frustrating when I see something in a magazine or on a blog that I then realize I can’t get here in the […]